Monday, December 8, 2008

Kalau aku Purple Wolf

Purple Wolf, semacam horor tapi kok ungu ya ?? Dasar...tahu aja warna yang bisa buat gw kurus seketika...hahaha
Jreng..jreng...hasilnya adalah demikian :

You are Purple Wolf, who is simple, cheerful and friendly type. ( Hihi..makasih....jarang2 dipuji gini )

You don't change your attitude according to other person, and can state your own points of view straightly.
( cieee....ehmm...maksudnya ??? )

You don't flirt or be too dependent, you are a serious person. ( Achhh..masa sich...belum kenal gw rupanya )

You tend to lack sensitivity, and although you say things straightforwardly, you don't mean any harm. ( Emang bener, gw kalo omong ga dipikir dulu....hihi, makanya gw 'dikutuk' ngajar Persuasi haha )

But others may misunderstand you and think you as cold hearted person. ( sebenernya ga kan....???? )

You don't try to exaggerate your attitude and expressions. ( Iya lah, masa iya donk... )

You will not be influenced by your surroundings, and therefore are confident about your own thinking. ( Alias sok idealis ... )

This may make you seem as stubborn. ( damn...!!! )

Your hold your own philosophy about your life, and will steadily move on one step at a time towards your objective. ( Alias sok idealis - lagi - )

You are very responsible and precise person. ( Cieee gw.... )

In personal relationships, you tend to be kind and soft-hearted; you can get on with people without thinking about personal interests. ( ooowwww.....tapi ampe sekarang masih single..hiks..hiks...-maap curcol- )

You possess strict economical view and are reliable person. ( bilang aja matre...susyah amat )

When you get to your middle ages, you may experience instability for a long time. ( middle age ?? maksudnya balik ke jaman batu tengah ? hah ??? )

You are cool about your love life too. ( dingin maksudnya ?? ha ? kok lama2 nyebelin nich resultnya.... )

You don't like bargaining, and will approach with sincere heart. ( bargain ? ada tuch di topic 10 Communication Persuasion...damn... )

You grow love slowly, but sometimes you can get in a sudden burst of passion. ( wachh..jorok nich artinya....tapi gw suka..hahahaha )

After marriage, you will take care of your family well, and be a good wife. ( cuit, nikah yuk..... )

Mau nyoba juga ??? Dasar ikut-ikutan....Nich link nya..... COBAIN ACHH......!!!

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